Smaller Updates for a Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

It’s the little things…

Kitchen and bathroom remodel doesn’t need to mean a total gut-job to achieve a new updated look.

Sometimes, there are good reasons NOT to start all over. A tight budget, time constraints, or things that are really nice about an existing room can contribute to a smaller remodel project.

While some fixes can easily be DYI, call a professional when there is something that requires an expert hand. Trying to tackle something without the proper tools or skills could end up costing more in the long run. Remember that eventually, homes go on the market and it needs to show well and operate safely.


When hiring a contractor for a small remodel, be sure to have a few things ready to talk about.

  • Have a budget!
  • Decide how much time to budget too.
  • List the things that are great about the kitchen or bathroom.
  • List the things that aren’t so great about the kitchen or bathroom.
  • List desirable design styles and colors.

A responsible home remodel contractor will be a good listener! They will want to work within the budget to provide the most updates for the time and money. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and seek advice on new trends and methods.


Remodel Scenarios

Love the cabinets, but hate the appliances

Swap out the stove, refrigerator, ovens and cooktops. Going from white to stainless or flat black (or vice versa) will really pack a punch to making it look different. If the budget allows, include changing cabinet hardware or new light fixtures to complement the new finish.


3Rs Kitchen Remodel wu-yi-611255-unsplash

Love the appliances, but hate the cabinets


Weigh out the costs of replacing all the cabinets, replacing just the fronts, or painting all the cabinets. If the layout is functioning well, perhaps a fresh coat of paint or new hardware will do the trick. Consider adding a new design element to pull your eyes away from the existing finish. Try a subway tile backsplash that finds its way to the ceiling, and then replace the range hood with something grand and structural. Improved lighting could update the look as well. Replace windows, add under-cabinet lights, or install can lights in the ceiling.


Love the bathroom, but hate the fixtures

Maybe that pebble vessel sink is trendy but it just isn’t working! Change out the counter top and pick a new suitable sink. Faucets, shower heads, hooks and towel bars are like jewelry to the room. Choose them carefully so that they complement each other. Consider a showerhead with multiple settings for a spa experience.


Love the bathroom storage, but hate the tub-shower

The footprint of a bathroom can be restrictive but there are times when a little more room can be stolen from a closet or added extension to create a wonderful space. Either way, pulling out a standard tub-shower and replacing it with a tiled walk-in shower and separate soaking tub would feel luxurious!


Other Small Update Ideas

  • 3Rs Construction tip toe on a new floorReplace flooring
  • Replace short baseboard with something taller
  • Change light fixtures
  • Fresh paint
  • Add wainscoting and/or crown molding
  • Design a feature wall with built-ins, textured wallpaper, or shiplap


Finishing Touches

When the work is all done, don’t forget about the finishing touches. Save a little mad money for new accessories too. Put some of these items on the shopping list:

  • 3Rs Bathroom Update Accesssories by PixabayNew towels
  • Storage Canisters
  • Fresh throw rugs
  • Updated window treatments
  • Decorative artwork or shelves
  • Matching soap dispensers



1 – Remember that clearing the clutter and good ol’ elbow grease will go a long way! Take the extra stuff to a local resale charity.

2 – Shop local. By going into local small businesses, there will be unique and creative options to discover.

3 – Plan for the unexpected. When uncovering old materials, there could be problems that need to be fixed underneath! It’s a bummer, but it’s good to get things done right.


Is it time for a small remodel?

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Altered Cover Photo by Kirsten Marie Ebbesen on Unsplash