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3Rs Construction in Salem, Oregon Offers Winter Specials

  Winter is a great time to schedule a FREE estimate for mold remediation, radon testing, or aging in place remodeling. 3Rs Construction Management LLC is the contractor in Salem, Oregon that you can trust!        * 3Rs Construction … more >

Mold Matter’s – Part 3

Mold Matter’s Part 3 ( Mold Myths ) by 3R’s Construction Management LLC. 503-363-1059 There are more myths than facts lofting around in the mold arena these days.  Part three in the Series “ Mold Matters” by 3R’s Construction was … more >

Mold Facts 201

Mold Facts 201 by 3R’s Construction Management LLC. 503-363-1059 Mold Removal Questions The following information is the second in a series of posts created by 3R’s Construction in Salem Oregon to help inform the general public on how to best … more >

3R’s Construction Mold Remediation

Ventilation and remediating mold has become an ever growing concern for Salem, Oregon area residents. As home inspectors become more educated and homeowners more aware of the potential adverse health effects of high concentrations of mold in living spaces, 3R’s Construction is getting a corresponding number of calls … more >